hi welcome to my site C i'm 16 south asian & identify as lesbian i also use they them pronouns j i don't mind most female term (except for girl); however, don't use any masc terms on me. please don't make tutorials on my carrds without my permission esp bc i have my own comm system, i don't give copies of my own designs for free. slight ib by ikisschris

guidelines my dnf doesn't apply if i follow first. i mainly talk abt idle, bts, and my other interests. main/priv. i'm selective, so if i don't accept your req don't take it personally. i sometimes express my dislike for skz, bp, omg, and a few other grps. rules dnf if under 14 or over 19, terf, radfem, mcyttwt, think lesbians can oppress mlm or bisexuals, blink, orbit, stay, miracle, atiny, teume, (i dislike most of these fandoms), stan lucas, not lesbian

music M gidle, bts, izone , raveena, ive, snsd, wjsn, rosé, taeyeon, doja cat,madison beer, faouzia, arijit singh, shreya ghoshal, pritam, rina media w manifest, pll, greys anatomy , abyss, dynasty , business proposal , so not worth it, & more . . . cw